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Lakshmi Telugu Movie Review

Cast: Prabhu Deva, Aishwarya Rajesh, Kovai Sarala, Sathyam Rajesh, Ditya Bhande, Salman Yusuff Khan, Chams, Akshat Singh, Jeet Das & Sam Paul among others.
Writer & Director: A.L.Vijay
Music Composer: Sam C S
DOP: Nirav Shah
Editor: Anthony
Producers: Prateek Chakravorty, Shruti Nallappa and R. Ravindran under the banner of Pramod Films & Trident Arts

Indian dance legend Prabhudeva is famous as a dancer, as an actor, and as a director also. If a movie comes with him as an actor, and in a background of dance; then it will be an exciting movie for dance lovers as well as Prabhdeva fans. Of course, mostly all Prabhudeva fans are dance lovers and all dance lovers are Prabhudeva fans. Now, his latest movie “Lakshmi” hit the screens today. What is this Lakshmi’s story? Let’s move to know…

Movie Plot:

Lakshmi Movie

Lakshmi(Ditya Bhande) is a school student and her mother is Nandini(Aishwarya Rajesh). Though Nandini doesn’t like music and dance and Lakshmi loves to dance and music. She Desires that to become the winner of Pride of India Junior at the national level. So, she goes to a cafeteria adjacent to her school and listens to songs every day. Thus, she becomes close to those people in the cafeteria. Though Krishna/VK(Prabhudeva) and his friend Azaghu(Karunakaran) stay in the cafe but don’t observe her. Moreover that, she joins in Chennai Dance Acadamy to learn dance and within small period she dominates all dancers in the academy.

But, she doesn’t say this matter to her mother. Though, on the day of selections for the dance competition, she doesn’t perform well due to some reason. Thus, her team disqualifies from the competition and her master asks her to leave and never return. Fortunately, Krishna comes to know this situation and requests the selection committee to give another chance for Lakshmi. So, the selection chief agrees and makes a condition, i.e, Lakshmi and her team could come into the competition if Krishna agrees to be the coach for her team. Then, what is the remaining story? Who was Krishna and how can he teach dance to them? What will happen if Nandini knows about it? Does Lakshmi win the title? To know this answers, you should watch the film… But, an analysis is here for you.


Lakshmi is a Dance Drama Movie

Director A.L.Vijay gripped a good point and selecting the dance track for the film is the first step for success. With a small normal line, he took up to another level. But, the screenplay was somewhat predictable and sub-plots in the film are not so well. Though, the scenes up to interval bang are good to watch. Come to the second half, completely concentrated on dance and emotional scenes touch the heart. Dialogues are perfectly suitable to the respective scenes. Though, villain characterization was somewhat artificial.

Lakshmi character is center of attraction for the film and Ditya Bhande performed well. Her dance steps and moves make arrest us to see her for some time. Basically, she is an excellent dancer so she did well and acting also good. Though Prabhudeva has less space for his role, he used that small space with his legendary dance moves and emotional scenes. As like that, Aishwarya’s character was flat but she did a good job. But, Kovai Sarala and Karunakaran’s humor is not enough maybe.

Prabhu Deva And Aishwarya Rajesh

Actually, for this dance backdrop films, BGM should be extraordinary level. To match those levels of expectations, the sound department did a great job. In every scene during dance-oriented tracks, the sounding is really super. Sam C.S music was good and Nirav Shah’cinematographyhy is fantastic. While the dance sequences his camera angles are super and those created the next level for elevating the scenes. Moreover that, the kids in the movie did a wonderful job and their practice may awesome that’s why their performance was looking lively. And, the choreography was at peak levels and the steps are very good.

Finally, it is a perfect treat for dance lovers and it is a family movie also. Every dance lover should watch it. General audiences can enjoy it.

Telugu Bullet Punchline: Lakshmi’s steps are not so great

Telugu Bullet Rating: 2.25/5


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