TV Channel’s Sting Operation Turned Out To Be A Big Joke

Pawan Kalyan and his political party Janasena

The popular news channel MAHAA is claiming that they have conducted a sting operation on Pawan Kalyan and his political party Janasena and has aired a sensational breaking news about the secret meeting with bigwigs of Kapu community has finally turned out to be a big joke.MAHAA Murthy who has showcased this as a sting operation has self-declared that Pawan Kalyan has taken a lot of money from the bigwigs of Kapu community in a secret meeting with his auditor Ratnam. They have projected that around 150 members have been attended and the entry pass of the ticket is 10 lakh rupees.

Pawan Kalyan has taken a lot of money

Going by the story of what the host has showcased, it’s not a secret meeting as it has been publicised from the last week in 99tv channel. Even there are a lot of photos of fans and other people who have met Pawan in the same hotel. But the term “Secret Meeting” is used by the host all the time where there is no clue for anyone why it has been termed like that.

It seems like MAHAA news Murthy

It seems like MAHAA news Murthy has tried his best to corner Pawan Kalyan showcasing it as a sting operation that he is taking money from the bigwigs in the form of cheques but the same reporter of MAHAA channel is saying that its common for all the political parties to ask the support of the bigwigs and he also told that Pawan has met other community leaders as well before.Collecting money in the form of cheques and that too in the presence of an auditor after advertising it in news channel seems to be a secret meeting to the so-called host who is running the show. All the people are laughing at this incident and those who have a good opinion on Murthy has also lost the trust in his debates who is constantly running over sensationalism to get some TRP’s.



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