Tuesday, March 21, 2023
HomelatestTv9, Mahaa Tv In Auction?

Tv9, Mahaa Tv In Auction?

Tv9, Mahaa Tv In Auction?

Tv9, Mahaa Tv In Auction: Two Telugu TV channels are going to be ready for sale. There is a huge price for Successful TV 9, but there is no big demand to sell the MahaaTV. This is not the first time that rumors are out on TV9 is going to be sold.

Those who know about business in media circles are going to buy the channel. this is going to be a big deal for the affiliate channels to work with.

According to the latest updates the value of TV 9 values 850-1000 crores. Whereas, five companies are trying to buy this channel. Sri Raju is having 80 percent of share in the channel. Editorial Ravi Prakash also having a share in the channel. Mahaa Tv came under the guidance of Sujana Chowadry started with i. Venaktravu not even game competition with other channels.Its value may be up to 15 crores.

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