Unhappy Aruna To Get Onboard T-BJP?

Unhappy Aruna To Get Onboard T-BJP

The Telangana Congress leader D.K Aruna is not happy with the way the things are going on in the Telangana Congress Committee. Vexed with the recent proceedings, she is all set to shift her loyalties to a National party.

DK Aruna is one of the prominent leaders in Telangana. Since the times of YSR to the last CM of United AP Kiran, she enjoyed various Ministries and State Cabinet positions. During the times of 2004 and 2009 elections, she played an important role in limiting TDP and BJP to oppositions in her own district of Mahabubnagar. Such a leader who never made anyone to doubt her loyalty towards the Congress is going to leave the party. Sources close to her camp reveal that her family supporters are getting ignored by the TPCC heads in various issues. After losing a place in Congress Working Committee, some Telangana leaders including DK Aruna are turning against the High Command.

According to the latest speculations, the senior most politicians of Telangana Congress like Jaipal Reddy and Jana Reddy are favoring the newcomers like Revanth Reddy and Danam Nagender Reddy more. Also, it is rumored that tickets will be given to them instead of Aruna and her followers this time. To save herself from losing the ticket and to teach a lesson to the High Command, Aruna might join the Telangana BJP to continue her career as a Politician. An official announcement regarding this issue is awaited.


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