Vanteru Pratap Reddy’s Hunger Strike Lead To Illness


The Congress leader Vanteru Pratapa Reddy has fallen sick and has been admitted in a Private Hospital at Hyderabad due to his Hunger Strike against the Telangana Caretaking CM KCR. Details of this hot news in Telangana Politics as follows. This Mahakutami’s MLA candidate launched a verbal war on the TRS Supreme for making the Police invade his privacy and tapping his own smartphone to uncover secrets. As the Government didn’t respond to his allegations, Reddy started an indefinite strike in front of Election Returning Officer in Gajwel segment which is the home for KCR’s family.

the police arrested this congress leader

The Police arrested this Congress leader and took him to the Police Station to calm the situation.After getting bail, he was released from the custody but the leader fell unconscious when he was rallying against KCR. His followers admitted him to the nearby hospital but the local doctors asked them to shift Pratap to a private hospital in Hyderabad.Interestingly, this Congress leader who gained consciousness at the midnight has reportedly left the hospital stating that he needs to continue his election campaign with the doctors. Seems the Telangana Politics have reached a stage of heat amidst the snap polls to gain as many votes as they can to win over their rivals.


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