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Suhasini Vs Krishna Rao At Kukatpally Turns Interesting

The entry of Nandamuri’s lady Suhasini into the Telangana Politics made news the other day. More than anyone, it is deeply troubling the TRS camp which pinned hopes to win the most complex segment of Kukatpally in Hyderabad.This particular constituency is said to be one of the most important places for any party to win due to its diversity. From local Hyderabadis to the AP Settlers, this region has been under the control of Lok Satta until 2009. With the entry of TDP’s Krishna Rao, the AP settlers and employed voters opted for TDP’s ruling since 2009.


Such a TDP leader has changed his loyalties to the TRS and to everyone’s surprise, the TDP Chief CBN now brought the right opponent to this defected leader. Touted to be the only daughter of Nandamuri Hari Krishna, Suhasini has gained more buzz among the voters for being the lady leader. More to this, the death of Hari Krishna could fetch additional seats due to the sentiment card.Overall, this constituency turned out to be exciting for the Political observers of Telangana. WiThe wins not so easy for both the parties as both have their own Merits and demerits. AP State want to see Suhasini as the winner for many reasons and the top reason being that she hailed from the family of Nandamuri.


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