Varma Controversial Comments On Drug Awareness

Varma Controversial comments on Drug Awareness

Posted August 2, 2017 at 17:19

Varma Controversial comments on Drug Awareness

Varma Controversial comments on Drug Awareness: Varma repeatedly reacted from past few days on the drug issue. He comments on SIT officers, they targeted only film personalities in a drug case. SIT officers do not care about Varma controversial comments. They said that they are no enemies and no friends. At that time, Varma officially said that the Telangana state government can sell the drugs and it gives good profit. Anti- drug rally conducted by Film personalities. Varma struck that rally in his style.

“Smoking and Drinking is injuries to health” It’s been promoting 50 years. If anyone can leave drinking alcohol or smoking! Now, if one-day Anti- drug rally, who will take the drugs away? Varma questioned whether who participated in the rally. Who have not attended that rally they took drugs. SIT officials thought that they have come to the inquiry. Some Attempts to eradicate drugs Varma commenting is not to be concerned. Varma Commenting is not new some do not mind his comments.

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