Sai Pallavi craze results in..

Kaali movie telugu dub

Sai Pallavi Craze Results In Kaali movie telugu dub

It’s quite common in the film industry that if a film gets success in one industry it would be released in the other industry. But the point here is that their would be many films which would reach the path of success. But only few films will be released into other industries only if the hero has fame in other industries too. Every year we see Karthi, Surya, vishal, Vijay , Dhanush moviess get dubbed into Telugu even if there are many other heroes films which got success.Recently Kaali is the movie which got huge profits and a great success in Malayalam this year. some are planning for Kaali movie telugu dub.

This movie has reach the collection of around 25crs in which Dulquar Salman is the hero. Hence this hero doesn’t have much fame in Telugu industry no one came forward to dub this movie in Telugu. But now some people are showing interest to dub this movie because of the only reason that Sai Pallavii is the lead actress in the film. Recently this natural beauty has stolen all the hearts in the Tollywood with her movie fidaa. She has got a great applause for her performance in fidaa. This beauty had got huge fame with this film .

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