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Sai Pallavi Unique Style

Sai Pallavi New Way of Selecting Movie

Posted Yesterday at 18:34

Sai Pallavi New Way of Selecting Movie: The natural beauty Sai Pallavi who acted in Malayalam ‘Premam’ now came in front of the Telugu audience with ‘Fidaa’ movie. In Shekhar Kammula direction as Varun Tej co-actor, Sai Pallavi got super craze with this movie. All the young heroes are eager to do the movie with this natural beauty who’s acting perfectly. Already many producers approached with high remuneration but Sai Pallavi till now didn’t commit for the single movie. For this, her reasons are very unique.

Naturally, with the success of the movie, any heroine will commit for other movies. Till now all the heroines who came to Telugu follow the same rule. But Sai Pallavi is telling that she’s not like that. She wants to be careful in her decisions even though it’s a Star hero or high remuneration. She said as money is not important to her and she will do only those roles which have character importance. She will do Bhanumathi types of roles for that she will wait it seems. There are chances that Sai Pallavi 2nd movie can be in Dil Raju banner. As it is known that Dil Raju monified her by telling to do the movie if she likes it and wants to do the movie. Finally, Sai Pallavi is looking unique for the Tollywood Producers. Let’s see that will Sai Pallavi remains the same as she is now…?

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