Fidaa Fill up DJ loss..

Fidaa movie profits

Fidaa movie profits cover up DJ loss

Allu Arjun DJ is in loss. Cine marketing reveals that DJ movie is in losses. The movie is produced with huge budget by Dil Raju. DJ is the first movie to come up with a huge budget under dil raju’s production. The movie is with a loss of 15crores. The losses of dj are being filled up by another mega hero Varun Tej. Fidaa movie profits are covering up the loss of dj.

Varun Tej and Sai Pallavi’s latest movie is Fidaa. This movie is doing good with its collections here as well as overseas. This movie is very much entertaining audience. The movie is already in profits. According to the news fidaa profits are around 25crores. As fidaa is a huge success, a tv entertainment channel is trying to get the movie rights.  Hence Fidaa is filling up DJ loss. This is very common for Dil Raju to miss a crore and gain 3crores.

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