Who gets eliminated?

Big Boss elimination

Big Boss 2nd week elimination

We all are very much familiar with the Big Boss show which is telecating in Star Maa. This show is the biggest reality show in telugu. This show is getting a huge trp rating. Especially in the weekend episodes of NTR are getting much more craze and trp. In the first week of Big Boss elimination, Jyothi is out of the show. And now for the second week we see Sameer, Madhu priya, Prince and Sampoornesh babu are in elination list. Unfortunately Sampoornesh babu left the show.

Now, there are three participants in the elimination list. As prince is the new captain of the house he will not be considered in the elimination list. Now comparing Madhu priya and Sameer, Madhu Priya has a bit more craze. There are more chances of audience keeping her in safe zone. But, hence Madhu Priya wants to leave the house from the ver beggining and is the week participant of the house audience might eliminate Madhu Priya. Rather there are chances of eliminating Sameer also. It is yet to wait to see which participant gets elinimate.

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