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Fidaa Preview and Rating

Varun Tej Fidaa movie Preview and Rating

Varun Tej Fidaa movie Preview and Rating: Director Shekhar Kammula and producer Dil Raju has a lot unique trend in the film industry. The people believe in their taste and choice. So first time this 2 combination happened in Fidaa movie. This movie hero is the smart, height, personality, talented the Mega family hero Varun Tej who is looking for success. And the heroine Sai Pallavi not only with glamor but even perform her talent.

There is no need to tell about Shekhar Kammula talent in love stories. After a long time, Shekhar is directing a love story Fidaa. In his movies, the heroine has equally important character as the hero have. Shekhar first said that even the Varun Tej, Sai Pallavi characters on Fidaa movie also will be same. The expectations of this movie increased with Shekhar words are that he wants his daughter to be like the heroine character. The Fidaa movie is nowadays girl how she got succeed in her love life with the self-confidence and nature.

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