Puri reason for Chakri’s Death

Puri accuse Chakri death

Puri Jagannadh Accuse For Chakri Death

Puri accuse Chakri death

According to the latest reports, Tollywood director Puri accuse Chakri death. Furthermore, Puri is the reason for habit of drugs to many tollywood celebrities. Manu tollywood actors are now, gets edict to taking drugs because of Puri. Puri and Chakri are very close friends in industry. Previously Chakri gets very much edicted taking drugs. But this was never revealed in public on the request of Chakri’s family.

Now, according to the reports it is puri jagannadh who spread drugs to Chakri. Puri gets drugs from drugs smuggler Kelvin. There are many other celebrities who are now in trouble because of Puri Jagannadh. Chakri used to take drugs more than thrice everyday. This ediction of him to the drugs lead him to death.

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