Puri Jagannadh SIT Investigation

Puri intterogation

Puri Intterogation In Drug Racket Case

Tollywood star Drectorpuri Jagannadh has yesterday intterogated regarding his involvment in drug racket case. The officers poses many questions to him asking, Do you take drugs? Do you know Kelvin, Whom else did you spread the habbit?. Puri intterogation started at 11am and continues till evening. He gets a break of an hour. Media is seen showing much interest to know the updates of interrogation.

He attends special investigation team SIT along with his brother Sai Ram Shankar and his son Aakash. Though he answers the rest of the questions straight forward, officers notices Puri to fumble while asking about Kelvin and his friendship with him. Answering about Kelvin, Puri says he met Kelvin during the movie Jyothi Lakshmi in the process of event Management. While Initially Puri says he never took drugs, later he accepts taking drugs in times. It is yet to wait to see what decision SIT takes aer investagating the rest of celebrities.

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