Puri Talks…Industry Shocks

Drug Racket case

Tollywood celebrities fears to Puri Jagannadh| Puri Deals With Drug Dealer Kelvin

Drug Racket case

The latest Hot Topic in the industry is the Drug Racket case. the most hearing name of the case is Director Puri Jagannadh. The latest reports reveal about Puri having contacts with a drug dealer Kelvin. Previously there are rumors regarding the Puri having drugs in Bangkok and now he is an edit to drugs. Now as per the news, it is puri who invoked other film industry people to take drugs.

Puri Jagannadh who is currently busy with the movie Paisa Vasool will soon meet police officials. Officers interrogate him regarding the issue. Furthermore, Officers definitely question puri about who else has the habit of taking drugs in the industry. Knowing this everyone shivers of What Puri answers about the interrogation. Every is eagerly waiting to know what puri says about the issue. which names he reveals out to the press.

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