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Puri Jagannadh reacts drug

Puri Jagannadh Statement On Drug Racket Case

Puri Jagannadh reacts drug

We all known that Puri Jagannadh is the list of Drug Racket Case. Police has sent notices to approach court by 19th of this month. Along with this director Many other celebrities also receives notices. Almost everyone who received Notices came forward reacting to the issue through media or social media. While on the other hand it is puri Jagannadh who didn’t respond upo the issue. Rather, there are rumours in media saying Puri Jagannadh reacts drug issue.

Puri made a tweet saying he is currently busy working on Bala Krishna’s Paisa Vasool movie. With this tweet many suspects Puri Jagannadh. some people says Puri didn’t react on the issue becuase he takes drugs. While, Some other say, rather it is better for him to react on the drug racket issue to be on the safe side.

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