Vasundhara Balakrishna To Foray Into Active Politics?

Vasundhara To Replace Balakrishna In Hindupur
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The TDP Chief Nara Chandrababu Naidu known for his Political game is now bringing as many women leaders as he can into the party for the 2019 elections. To win the likes of TDP followers and Nandamuri hardcore fans, a star wife is speculated to be entering AP Politics.

Hindupur MLA Balayya’s wife Vasundhara shocked everyone by making her presence in the latest Pasupu Kunkuma meeting in her husband’s constituency the other day. Not only participating in the meeting and distributing the materials to the women, Vasundhara actually gave a stunning speech. She hailed the schemes of TDP and declared CBN as the brother of each and every woman in the Andhra Pradesh. This wife of Nandamuri hero asked all to support TDP for having a prosperous ruling under the leadership of her brother Chandrababu Naidu.

Going by her comments, it is heavily rumored that Vasundhara might fight from the Hindupur constituency to Assembly. Balayya might shift his base to another town in Krishna district to win as many seats as they can. By her presence at the TDP meeting, Nandamuri fans who are in dilemma to support TDP are now showcasing their interest towards the yellow camp.


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