Venkaiah Naidu 3rd Child


Venkaiah Naidu treats Swarna Bharathi Trust as own Children

Venkaiah Naidu treats Swarna Bharathi Trust as own Children: As the world knows Venkaiah Naidu has 2 children. Daughter Deepa Venkat who is always busy in Swarna Bharathi trust. And son Harsha Verdan who has many showrooms of Harsha Toyota. But recently his wife revealed the secret about their 3rd child. That’s none other than Swarna Bharathi trust is his 3rd child it seems.

Venkaiah formed a rhythmic phrase that doesn’t have the interest in the president(Rashtrapati) and vice president(Upa Rashtrapati) position but wants to be Ushapati. So people are thinking that even Venkaiah wife gave a good counter. Within short period Venkaiah Naidu going to be vice president so his personal matters are out by Usha.

Venkaiah is strict with children but he is giving freedom to grand children it seems. He is being all right if grand children are not going to school. With this Deepa, Harsha Verdan is getting tense. They are in dilemma to convince their kids. Usha said that Venkaiah will be same like straight forward either it’s outside or in the home.

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