Wednesday, December 1, 2021
HomelatestUPA leaders To Vote Kovind

UPA leaders To Vote Kovind

UPA leaders To Vote Kovind

UPA leaders To Vote Kovind: NDA raising in Presidental elections, Many people crossed their limits by breaking the supremacy. differences in opposition party became an added advantage to Kovind. BJP is confident of winning the presidential elections with the highest majority.Saradh Pawar, who said The Presidential Elections are based on the principles also supported BJP.

In the last minutes, Sonia got a shock from Pawar. In addition to this Modi opposition Mamatha party leaders also in favor of Narendra Modi. The number of votes for the NDA increased. Meera Kumar’s victory is kept aside, it was clear that all the earlier votes were not lost.

Two groups voted in Samajwadi Party in two different ways. Mulayam to vote for Kovind and Akhilesh group supported Sonia Gandhi. but Sonia was angry about the division of votes. Nitish, who wanted to unite the opposition parties also came to side.

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