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Audience Dislike Some Participants in NTR Big Boss

NTR Big Boss Show 4 unwanted Participants

NTR Big Boss Show 4 unwanted Participants: The Telugu audience most awaited ‘Big Boss’ started where NTR rocked the show. NTR, first day introduced everyone and send them into the house. He took leave and after 1 week means on Saturday again NTR will be back in front of the audience. And the whole week what the 14 participants do and behave will be shown in the show at 9.30pm. Star MAA prestigiously presenting the ‘Big Boss’ show in Telugu. So the audience are thinking that the 4 participants will get eliminated in the show.

Mumaith Khan the controversy and beauty show off queen is the minus point it seems. The family audience is not comfortable with seeing her. As her body language looks different like kind of adult content. And one more controversial is Jyothi as once upon a time she found in brothel case. People are thinking that some another person would have been behalf of her. One more person film critic Mahesh Katti is not much high light. As he is not the celebrity so he may not give good entertainment to the ‘Big Boss’ show. Finally, Madhupriya, some people couldn’t able to accept her. Some are arguing that she is small so some other person should have been on her behalf. The audience did not like these 4. If anyone like or not but the ‘Big Boss’ show continues with these people.

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