Vivekam Movie Telugu Bullet Review

vivekam movie review

Vivekam Movie Telugu Bullet Review

Actors; Ajith Kumar, Kajal, Akshara Haasan, Vivek Oberoi, Thambi Ramaiah
Production: Nithya Jyothi films
Direction: Shiva
Music Director: Anirudh Ravichandran

Ajith latest movie Vivekam in Shiva’s direction got to be an international level movie with the trailer. Since Ajith and Shiva’s combination movies Veeram and Vedalam movies became super hit with sensational records Vivekam movie expectations were increased. The officer’s team who is capable to destroy terrorists has to catch the person who acts as their boss in the past. How this situation happened in the story.


This Vivekam movie is absolutely a hero oriented movie. The whole story rotates around hero Ajith. Once upon a time, Ajay Kumar (Ajith) was head of the counterterrorism squad. Under his leadership, the intelligence team brings out the country from assassination. The team feels difficult to catch a clever hacker named Natasha. It will ruin the conspiracy of terrorists who want to create artificial earthquakes. Moreover, An unexpected turn changes Ajay Kumar’s life and fell into danger along with his pregnant wife. Terrorist interest in Nuclear weapons and from other side Intelligence team finding Ajay Kumar. Finally, Why his followers try to find him? Why did that happen to Ajay Kumar? Whether he is out of it or that is the rest of the movie.


The director Shiva framed ‘Vivekam’ movie as a top class action thriller. But all the commercial elements are there in the movie with the sentiment. For this, the director should be appreciated. But if he would have reduced the routine scenes than the movies would have been increased to next level. By concentrating mass pulse in mind the director Shiva screened the story and story stretch. The audience felt difficult with Shiva editing in some places.

Hero Ajith did a marvelous performance. In every scene his hard work is visible. With the ‘Vivekam’ movie, it’s understood that why Tamilians die for Ajith. Ajith nailed with performance, action episodes. Heroine Kajal Aggarwal did a good performance and even Kamal Hassan second daughter Akshara Hassan debt in Tamil movie did well. Finally, ‘Vivekam’ movie attracted the audience in technical, production values.

Telugu Bullet Punch Line: Vivekam shows its best
Telugu Bullet Rating: 3/5

Posted August 24, 2017 at 11:56