Tuesday, October 26, 2021
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V.V Vinayak Preparing Grounds To Strike Big

The star director V V Vinayak lost his charm despite re-introducing the Mighty Megastar Chiranjeevi after a decade with Khaidi No: 150. To be back on track, this once hailed director is busy with a plot which suits for a mass hero in the industry.

Be it the growing competition among the new age directors or his lack of being updated to the present trends of Cinema, Vinayak fell behind the clan of leading star directors. He gave a non-Baahubali Industry hit in the name of Khaidi No: 150 and stunned all by presenting Chiru at his best after all these years. For some reason, Vinayak’s subjects appear boring and out of the league. Now sources close to this maker state that Vinayak is struggling hard to make a comeback and written a stunning subject which is high in action and entertainment. This Tagore maker has chosen the Mass Maharaj Ravi Teja who is also drenched with flops these days as the lead hero. If everything goes according to the plan, Vinayak is hoping to repeat the magic of Krishna with Ravi Teja after all these years.

Meanwhile, Ravi Teja is shooting for his ongoing project under the director VI Anand. Touted to be an action thriller, this Idiot fame is also striving to score a hit at the box office after bagging hat trick flops.

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