Saturday, August 13, 2022
HomelatestAre TDP Leaders Crossing Borders In Jagan’s UK Visit?

Are TDP Leaders Crossing Borders In Jagan’s UK Visit?

Though the mud-slinging is quite common in Politics, nowadays, the leaders are going to any extent to counter their rivals. Known for their forever enmity between TDP and YSRCP, the TDP leaders are making fools out of themselves by overreacting on Jagan’s personal tour.

It is a known thing that the Opposition leader YS Jagan Mohan Reddy along with his wife Bharati has been to the UK to meet their daughter who is pursuing graduation in Business. The moment Jagan left India, some TDP leaders started claiming that Jagan went abroad to process the Hawala in order to bring back his black money to India. Another leader who is in an honored position like MLC went further and commented that Jagan is having a secret meeting with the infamous businessman Vijay Mallya to discuss tricks and trade of black money. As this is not enough, a Yellow leader who has no idea what he is talking about declared that Jagan is bringing 3,500 crores of his own black money to spend for the upcoming elections.

All know that Jagan is still on bail and he has given his entire whereabouts along with the complete UK schedule already to the Hyderabad High Court. Still, these ruling party leaders are making such comments which only degrade their own reputation. People are observing everything these days as the election fever has already been gripped. If CBN doesn’t control this kind of comments like he did with his ex-partner Pawan Kalyan, then his party is going to pay a huge price in the Assembly elections.

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