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HomelatestWatch sold for 116 Crores in an auction!

Watch sold for 116 Crores in an auction!

Watch sold for 116 Crores in an auction!

The stainless steel wristwatch of former Hollywood star Paul Newman’s has reportedly fetched $17.8m (INR 116 crores) in an auction, after expecting to fetch $1m. The wristwatch was gifted to Paul Newman by his wife Joanne Woodward as they were filming for ‘Winning’ in 1969. The watch had the words, ‘Drive Carefully, Me’ engraved on it. The wristwatch is of Dayton Rolex make and was later used by Newman to time his car races.

The watch was finally sold to an unnamed buyer who participated via telephone in the auction. The record for the highest price for a watch goes to Patek Phillippe pocket watch, that was sold for $24m in 2014.

The Dayton Rolex watch was given to James Cox in 1984, who was the boyfriend of Nell Newman at that time. James Cox put the watch for the auction and specified that some of the proceeds will go towards the Newman’s foundation that was set up in 2005. Paul Newman 83, died on 26th September 2008.

The role of racer played by Paul Newman in the movie ‘Winning’, has spurred his interest in the sport. Paul took part in the 24-hour Le Mans race.

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