Wednesday, December 7, 2022
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We’ve Been Requesting – KTR

“Await for positive response madam”, KCR says. Recently, Defence Minister of India, Mrs.Niramala Sitharaman has agreed to transfer 210 acres defense land in Bengaluru city’s civic body for 10 infrastructure projects, stuck due to space constraints, an official said.

Although, “The Karnataka government has, in return, to transfer its lands of equal value(322 crores) and size to the defense ministry in lieu of defense lands in 31 locations” a joint declaration hereby Sitharaman and Karnataka, CM Kumaraswamy said. The infrastructure projects requiring defense land include flyovers, road widening works, elevated corridors and the second phase of the Metro rail network across the city.

Though, Telangana Minister K Taraka Ramarao ask a response about Hyderabad development to Nirmala Sitharaman on Social media. So, He asks about 160 acres of defense land for Hyderabad skyways.


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