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I didn’t Expect Pawan’s Stardom…

Power star Pawan Kalyan’s debut movie ‘Akkada Ammay Ikkada Abbay’ heroine Supriya Yarlagadda has acted in latest hit ‘Goodachari’. But it is her second film and she doesn’t do any films after ‘Akkada Ammay Ikkada Abbay’ film. Recently, she has commented about Pawan Kalyan, “I didn’t expect Pawan Kalyan’s this stardom, now he has a huge fan following”.

'Akkada Ammay Ikkada Abbay

She has also said about Goodachari movie and her entry into that project. She said, “Actually, many directors come to me and tell their scripts and ask my opinion on the script. As like that, Adivi Sesh has come to me and I’ve thrilled while he was telling the script. After some days, again he has come to me and ask to play Nadiya Qureshi’s role in the film. I’ve said okay and at the time of first movie Grand Pa ‘ANR‘ encouraged me to do act but now I’ve done myself. On the first day of the shoot, I’ve felt nervous because it is 22 years, again in front of the camera but after one day, I’ve settled properly. I’m getting good reviews and comments about my role and feeling happy about that. Actually, after the first movie, I’ve quitted from acting and I’m busy in Annapurna Studios’ management and its development. As well as, I’ll act in the future if there are any good roles and I prepared some scripts also. Morely, I have the interest in negative roles.”

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