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Mahesh Babu’s Title Curiosity…

It is a very interesting game… Yes, what is the next letter and what is the title of Mahesh Babu’s next fil…! Curiously, expecting the titles by following the MB25 team hints. Though, they have revealed R, I,  and now S, and what next..! They are releasing a letter every day…



On August 9th (Mahesh Babu’s Birthday), they will be announced the title of the film but curiosity in the fans the audience is going peaks. Some are expecting it as ‘Rishi’ and some are expecting it as ‘kRIShna’. So, this type of promotions is creating buzz for the film. We know that team has released emblem of the film by Mahesh’ daughter Sithara and his niece Aadhya and he posted it. Thus, the curiosity is generating in the movie buffs and emblem concept also new.


Although, Allari Naresh is acting in this film and this is also an interesting point. Moreover, it is Mahesh Babu’s 25th film. Vamsi Paidipally is the director and Dil Raju, C.Aswini Dutt are the producers of this the film. Mahesh’s last movie ‘Bharat Ane Nenu’ is a huge hit and they are caring about this film to make it blockbuster. Because fans have more expectations on Mahesh Babu’s mark 25th film. As well as, Mahesh Friendship Day ishes to Namratha through Twitter… How sir, how is it possible…! He is completely Family man.


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