TRS Government To Fight For The First Position In EODB

TRS Government First Position In EODB

The Ministry of Commerce had released the Ease of Doing Business among the Indian States and AP got the first spot followed by the newest State Telangana. Irked with the second spot, the Telangana State Government has decided to file a case to attain the first spot.

Telangana State Government

Going into the details, the CM of Telangana, KCR vented out his frustration in a recent press conference stating that Telangana should have got the first place. Unable to see AP in the first place, he declared that his surveys state that both AP and Telangana should be sharing the first place. Not stopping there, this TRS Chief opined that the State of Jharkhand which got the fourth place should be promoted to third place along with the Madhya Pradesh. KCR claimed that there are tons of errors in the calculations and his Government calculated perfectly which is altering the results.

AP and Telangana

KCR ordered his Government officials to write a letter to the Ministry of Commerce. As there has been no response from them, he directed his MP to address the issue in the ongoing Parliament sessions. An MP already lodged a complaint against these rankings in the Ministry of Commerce and Industry branch to have a verdict. Still, the Centre is silent regarding this issue. This may disturb the healthy environment between the BJP and TRS which are looking forward to working together in the upcoming elections.


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