Congress-TDP’s secret deal for 2019 elections?

Congress-TDP’s secret deal for 2019 elections

As stated in the past, the two rival parties AICC and TDP are willing to join hands to defeat their common enemies YSRCP and BJP. A leading Telugu daily’s article suggests an exceptional deal between these two parties.

According to that particular Telugu daily which is said to be a belonging to a rival party of TDP, the Congress Party is showing positive signs to have a temporary alliance with the TDP. The party also stated that former T-TDP leader who shifted his loyalty to the T-Congress is acting as the mediator between Rahul Gandhi and Chandrababu Naidu. For the upcoming elections of 2019, these two big parties are hoping to contest jointly with perfect understanding regarding the Assembly and Parliament seats. The figures are as follows.

In Telangana, TDP is demanding 30 Assembly seats and 3 Parliament positions whereas the Congress is willing to offer just 15 MLA seats and 2 Parliament seats. T-TDP is very keen on the district of Khammam as it asked 3 Assembly seats and one Parliament Seat. even though Congress has no objection with Assembly seats, it desperately needs the Lok Sabha seat any cost. Coming to the Andhra Pradesh where TDP has more vote bank than Congress unlike Telangana, TDP offered just 25 MLA seats and 2 Lok Sabha portfolios but the National party demands as many as 50 Assembly positions and 6 Parliament seats. The same newspaper stated that the deals are still holding on between the two parties and soon they would come to terms to curb BJP from the two Telugu States.


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