What Happened To DIL RAJU?


Hi DIL Raju garu We want to say something on behalf of the fans

Recent comments of DIL RAJU on RAJ THARUN and NITHIN……..what happened to him?

‘DIL’ Raju said ” I was initially planning to make this film on a smaller budget of around R2-3 crores but we had to increase it as a story demanded it. In the end, we spent Rs 8 crores on it. To be Honest, Raj Tharun is still an upcoming actor and even spending Rs4-5 crores on him is a big risk but we believed in the story and hence, were willing to spend,”


After Dil, Nitin wanted to do many movies with Nitin but nothing happened, Nitin was in the flops in a row, and Nitin wanted to make a film on that day and he asked me, Uncle, I wanted a movie.


What happened to ‘DIL’ Raju? What made DIL Raju change as FUN and FRUSTRATED?After the hit film of NITHIN’s DIL, Raju got the name as DIL RAJU. Did he forget that one? Why he changed the opinion on RAJ THARUN?

Father will spend the money on his child for the education. And if the son failed in achieving the score then the father will scold him and feel very sad that all the money has been wasted on his son. But the emotions will be controlled only by LOVE. First, the father should know the capability of his son and then he has to choose the subject in which the son will achieve the top position among all the students. Then surely he will get the top. The situations around the man will change his thoughts and opinions on others. Prevention is better than cure.

So, Raju garu “Don’t miss the DIL ….otherwise you will be as FUN and FRUSTRATED”

We trust that you will stand in the top position in the industry.


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