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What is the future of Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is the most used term now globally, it is defined as a machine or a computer system which perform human tasks as perfectly as a human and for which it needs human intelligence as perception, language translation, learning, reasoning etc. Artificial intelligence is a most used in technology that everyone wants to know about it. Artificial intelligence today is increasing rapidly across all the types of industries. The big data and analytics booth combined shows a whole new way of intelligence in the automation that human is just trying to start or step into it.

Future prospects of artificial intelligence: The future of artificial intelligence is automatically transportation.in the future, humans will be able to augment with robots. And artificial intelligence is run by the number of smart cities as vehicles, phones, and home appliances. Home robots will help people’s daily work.

• Automated transportation:

We are already seeing the self-driving cars. The vehicles currently require a driver for safety. Yet the technology is not completely developed it needs to be updated and needed public acceptance to self-automated cars and other transportation networks are being developed like buses and trains. Transportation has been done in different levels of automation and Google cars are the first level down from full complete automation

• Cyborg technology:

We will be able to augment with the computers and many of our natural abilities. In this, technology is added for convenience and another practical purpose. Artificial intelligence is useful for people as the brain will communicate and give the more patient and control. And this technology is reducing the limitations on the daily base.

• Taking over dangerous jobs:

Actually, the robots are already taken the dangerous jobs. It’s like bomb defusing and etc. but Humans are required to control them by using artificial intelligence. They have saved thousands of lives by taking over the most dangerous jobs in the world. As technology improves we will see more machine functions. And few other jobs are also been done for the robot integration like welding which is known for producing toxic substances, intense heat, and unbearable noise, now it can be outsourced to robots in many situations. Robot welding cell is already in use and also have safety features in place to help prevent human workers from fumes and other physical harms.

• Solving climate change:

Solving climate change can be seen as a tall order from the robot. Machines have more access to data than a person can ever store as a mind blogging number of statistics. Using big data, artificial intelligence can one day identify trends and use the information to get solutions to the world’s biggest problems

• The robot as friends:

Most robots are emotionless and it is hard to get a robot with emotions. In Japan for the first time tried a robot companion who can understand and feel emotions.

• Improved elder care:

Many elders struggle in everyday life. Now many elders need others help. As an artificial intelligence is replacing this need.

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