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WhatsApp Dark Theme Spotted in Latest Beta, Stickers Updated

WhatsApp has been working on Dark Theme integration for a while now, and its latest beta for Android users show a slight improvement in the ‘system event bubble’. This change was also spotted to be under development, and hasn’t been enabled in the latest beta for the users to see. Separately, sticker packs have reportedly received a server-side update from WhatsApp, and users should see a new ‘update’ button next to the packs in the Stickers section. Speaking more about Facebook pulling back on WhatsApp ads plan, features tracker WABetaInfo reports that since the 2.19.356 Android beta version, there is no code about status ads.

The instant messaging giant has released a new beta update for Android, bringing it to version 2.20.8, and this latest update has been scanned by features tracker WABetaInfo to fish out new up and coming features. The tracker notes that WhatsApp is continuing to work on the Dark Theme, improving the last details before the release. Also noticed was an improvement in the layout of the System Event bubble that shows up on the top of every new chat. Tap for more info.” This bubble uses a yellow color text when in Dark Theme, something that wasn’t the case before in the 2.19.311 Android beta update. Of course, this change was spotted to be under development, so you may not see it even if you update to the latest bets. WABetaInfo notes that it is still not known when Dark Theme will be officially released.

In a separate tweet, the tracker claims that sticker packs are getting a server-side update which presumably includes improvements, although exact details are unknown. To check for this update, head to WhatsApp > Chat > Stickers section > the ‘+’ icon. You will see a new Update option next to the few packs in your previously downloaded list. Not all packs are getting the update button, and only select ones see the change. WABetaInfo claims that the exact reasons for the update are unknown at the moment.

A recent report suggests that WhatsApp will focus on helping businesses connect with customers for now, and will backtrack on its plans to launch the status ads feature. The tracker claims that WhatsApp has stopped working on status ads since 2.19.356, and there has been no code about the feature since then. Although, WABetaInfo claims that the company has stalled plans momentarily, and WhatsApp revenue generation plans haven’t been completely shelved forever.

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