Wednesday, November 30, 2022
HomelatestWarning To WhatsApp Users!

Warning To WhatsApp Users!

WhatsApp Users Are Being Warned

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After the Cambridge Analytics Data leak scandal became public, security experts are literally investigating into all other social networking sites and instant messaging apps. In one such investigation, security experts recently found out, sensitive financial data which users share on WhatsApp is being shared to third parties. Though many have rubbished these claims, as anti-Facebook propaganda, WhatsApp itself has made it public.

In one of its statement, WhatsApp said, ‘We are sharing your information with Third Parties. Your mobile number, registration details, details about the phone you are using, VPA (Virtual Payment Address), sender’s UPI Pin, Transaction details are being shared’.

It is a known fact that, the VPA and UPI Pin are highly sensitive, and key data. If Facebook uses this data to develop its advertising revenue, where it shares key insights about Facebook users’ details to an advertising company, the financial details of the users might also be harvested illegally, just as in the case Cambridge Analytica.It will be interesting to see what measures Facebook and WhatsApp will take to prevent data leak.

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