TDP’s Silence On Varma’s Tweets Shocking All

Why Is TDP Not Countering Varma Attack
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The controversial filmmaker Ram Gopal Varma is back to both entertain and frustrate netizens. To promote his flick Lakshmi’s NTR, this Shiva fame targeted AP CM Chandrababu Naidu like anything.Going into the details, Varma is completely focussing on CBN to bring the maximum buzz for his biopic. Now that it is almost evident that the AP CM is the antagonist in Lakshmi’s NTR, RGV made his Twitter a stage to degrade the TDP National Chief by making stunning comments on the latter.

He tried to irk the TDP hardcore followers by running polls on Babu and his backstabbing capacities. In other words, Varma almost declared that Babu is the world’s biggest and best backstabber in Politics. Now the million dollars question is why the TDP fans and CBN followers along with the Yellow camp leaders are silent on this issue. Furious leaders like Chintamaneni are not responding on this issue and Balayya too avoided this question in recent Press meets.None other than CBN might direct his leaders not to respond to any of RGV’s controversies as it might work positive for the movie and make them cheap. To RGV’s support, Kathanayakudu too bombed miserably transferring all the importance to the Lakshmi’s NTR.


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