Wildfires in Hawaii have resulted in 114 fatalities


114 people have died as a result of the Hawaii wildfires.

The death toll resulting from the wildfires on Hawaii’s Maui Island, which are being described as the deadliest in modern US history, has risen to 114, with over 60% of the affected area having been searched. Search and rescue operations are ongoing, as reported by authorities.

wildfires in hawaii have resulted in 114 fatalities
Search and rescue operations are ongoing

In an update, the Maui Police Department confirmed that the total number of fatalities in these devastating wildfires has increased from 111, as reported on Thursday, to 114.

During a televised speech, Hawaii Governor Josh Green expressed that the number of casualties is expected to rise daily as the search for victims continues. He emphasized the profound scale of devastation on Maui, where over 2,200 buildings have been destroyed, and approximately 500 have suffered damage, resulting in an estimated cost of nearly $6 billion.

The governor noted that there are currently around 470 search and rescue personnel and 40 search dogs tirelessly combing through the hundreds of burnt structures. Despite the immense challenges ahead, Governor Green expressed determination to rebuild Lahaina, a historic town and popular tourist destination on Maui, which has been severely affected by these deadly wildfires. He acknowledged that the process would take years of effort and billions of dollars but emphasized the collective commitment to this endeavor.


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