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HomelatestAmit Shah And Modi Need Advani After By-Polls

Amit Shah And Modi Need Advani After By-Polls

Will Amit Shah And Modi Approaches The Advani

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If there were any two names most of the South Indians especially the AP people hate to utter, they are Indian PM Narendra Modi and BJP National Chief Amit Shah. These two overconfident leaders of ruling party have discovered their main reason for failing in the bypolls.Amit Shah lead BJP which gained power with record majority is heading towards a failure in the upcoming general elections of Parliament in the next year. With rather pride and confidence, these two dared to sideline the Bheeshma of BJP, LK Advani who is one of the senior most leaders of BJP.

Post the elections of 2014, Modi and Amit even though formed a committee of five members named Marg Darshak Mandal, they never had any meeting since its formation. The reason is that the committee has two senior-most members of BJP who Modi and Amit don’t want to get involved in the party affairs. The five members are Modi, Amit Shah, Rajnath Singh, Advani, and Joshi. Among them, Advani and Joshi have been far from the party affairs as Amit Shah is making them stick to their constituencies without inviting them to any crucial meeting.

The happened by-polls taught BJP a perfect lesson such that they won just 4 seats among 29 seats thereby making them the fear of losing in 2019. Now both Modi and Amit Shah are all set to conduct its first Marg Darshak Mandal meeting by inviting Advani and Joshi into the Committee to take the advice of the seniors. It’s time for these two to wake up and think twice about their strategies prior to the big elections.

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