The World On the brink of 3rd World War!


 World On the brink of 3rd World War!

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After staying quiet for 2 months, North Korea has once again test-fired its ICBM – Intercontinental Ballistic Missile over the capital of South Korea, Seoul and close to Japan. Within hours of the North Korea missile test-launch, the South Korean army deployed their missile too.

Speaking at the United Nations, the South Korean representative stated that, ‘South Korea fired the missile only to retaliate to North Korea in its own way’.us--nikki-haley-warns-north

Meanwhile, political analysts globally are expressing fears of a possible breakout of 3rd World War. ‘If the word has to see a 3rd world war, there would nothing left on this earth,’ said a military analyst. The recent missile test of North Korea is seen as a retaliation act to the US President Trump’s provocative comments. Trump recently added North Korea to the list of ‘State Sponsors of Terrorism’.

The US representative, Nicky Haley stated that ‘the missile launch from North Korea brings both the nations closer to war.’ She also addressed the UN in which she said that the US is trying all the possible options to neutralize the tensions between the US and NK. She asked the Chinese government to cut off oil supplies to

Donal Trump spoke to South Korea’s President, Japan’s Prime Minister and China’s President over the issue of North Korea. Many people are expecting that by mid-2018 the world will be a victim of 3rd world war.

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