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HomelatestTwo Friendly nations on the path to becoming Enemies?

Two Friendly nations on the path to becoming Enemies?

Donald Trump And Theresa Twitter Fight

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No doubt, the US government is under intense pressure from the rogue nation, North Korea successfully tested its latest and improved ICBM yesterday. NK went ahead with the launch, despite global protests. Trump stated that ‘he will handle the situation in his own way’ in a press conference arranged at the White House to condemn North Korea.

Meanwhile, President Trump who is known to be a very active on Twitter got involved in a dispute with the Prime Minister of UK, its ally.Britain-PM-Therisa-May

It all started with Donal Trump retweeted three video featuring heinous acts committed by Muslims. One video shows Muslim refugee hitting a child, while the second video shows Muslim protesters destroying ‘Virgin Mary’s Statue’. The third video showed a mob of Muslim youth assaulting a teenager. The UK Prime Minister, Theresa May tweeted that, ‘by retweeting this kind of videos, Donald Trump is actually giving them unwanted advertising.’trump and Theresa twitter fight

The UK PM received a harsh reply from Trump. He later tweeted her that, ‘Theresa May should focus on the destructive radical terror groups in the UK than on me. We are doing just fine. And moreover, the videos were tweeted by a Britain woman’.

The spat between Trump and Theresa May is likely to hamper the diplomatic relations between the two nations that have been allies from World War – II times!

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