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‘Indrasena’ Telugu Bullet Review

‘Indrasena’ Telugu Movie Review and Rating

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Tamil hero Vijay Antony is a well-known name among the Telugu audience, thanks to his unique films like Dr. Salim, Bichagaadu, Bethaludu. In his latest installment, Vijay Antony is once again trying his luck with his latest dubbed film ‘Indrasena’. Speaking at a promotional event of the film, Vijay Antony said, ‘I am not a great actor. My films are successful because of the subject I choose. This is the reason I’m able to deliver unique films’. Let us know about the fate of ‘Indrasena’.


The story is about two twins; Elder one, Indrasena and younger one Rudrasena. Though the kids birth is separated by a fraction of a second, their choices in life are completely opposite. Indrasena heads a textile business and tries to keep life under his control. After Indrasena falls in love with Chitra, a beautician, he faces a lot of hardships due to Rudrasena’s behavior. Rudrasena life is more like a free bird and he goes with the wind. Given his nature, he ends up with various bad influences. Rudrasena also has a love interest in his life.

The rest of the story revolves around what sacrifices Indrasena had made, and what hardships he had to face in order to save the life of Rudrasena.


The director G Srinivasan has been successful in his attempt to showcase the bonding between brothers and relationships in the family. Rather than taking a stereotype format to showcase family values, the director’s efforts in exemplifying how one should lead their life by showing the contrast between twins is highly appreciable.

Indrasena is a different film in the ‘Twins-based’ genre. It feels like the screenplay lacks a bit of pace. But if the audience is glued to the movie, the screenplay pace can be ignored. If you go with an expectation of ‘routine entertainment’, Indrasena will surely disappoint you. It is a unique film from Vijay Antony and is a hit in its own class.  

Radhika Sarath Kumar and Vijay Antony have produced the film jointly. Apart from being a co-producer and hero, Vijay even took charge of music and editing departments. He excelled brilliantly in all the departments. Director G Srinivasan has written the story for the film.

Plus Points:

  • Story
  • Vijay Antony

Minus Points:

  • Slow Narration
  • Typical Tamil flavour in few scenes

Telugu Bullet Punchline: ‘Indrasena’ – A tale of twins, where only one wins!

Rating: 3/5

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