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We are shameless says heroine ‘Madhavi Latha’

We are shameless says heroine ‘Madhavi Latha’

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It is an open secret that the Telangana State Government has taken Ivanka’s visit as a prestige issue, and have accordingly made all the arrangements. Right from laying ‘fresh’ blacktop roads over the existing ones and beautifully decorating the sides of the roads in which Ivanka is planned to travel has caught the eye of both critics and public. Madhavi Latha too joined in this.

Madhavi Latha who acted in few Telugu films like Nacchavule, Snehituda, Usuru and Aravind 2, has made sensational comments. The actress hails from a Coastal Andhra Telugu family settled in Bellary, Karnataka. The actress has been seen in few flicks here and there.madhavi-latha-comments-on-t

The heroine lashed out at the Telangana State Government in the interview and made some controversial comments on Ivanka’s visit to India in a web interview. She stated, ‘Will President of India receive the treatment Ivanka received in Hyderabad? Definitely no. Even the President of India will be treated like other citizens with a difference in protocol. Then why doesn’t the government locals the same way they treat our guests? It is the fault of the citizens. We elect this kind of leaders because we are shameless. We only vote for them again and again in every election.’

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