Wrestlers to discard all their medals in river Ganga


Wrestlers Planning to discard their medals in the holy river Ganga

A group of wrestlers, including Bajrang Punia, Vinesh Phogat, and Sakshi Malik, plan to travel to Haridwar to discard their medals in the holy river Ganga. Following that, they intend to return to Delhi and hold a hunger strike at India Gate.

In a note shared on Twitter, the wrestlers strongly condemned the actions of the Delhi Police. They expressed their intention to give up their medals, which they consider to be their lives and souls, in the Ganga. Subsequently, they plan to stage a hunger strike until death at India Gate.

Intention to give up their medals

The wrestlers criticized the Prime Minister for not showing any concern for their cause, despite referring to them as his daughters. They highlighted that he had invited Brij Bhushan Singh, the chief of the Wrestling Federation of India (WFI), to the inauguration of the new Parliament building and posed for photographs with him.

The protest by top wrestlers, including Vinesh, Sakshi, and Bajrang, is aimed at addressing the issue of sexual harassment of female athletes, including a minor, within the WFI. The protest began on April 23 at Jantar Mantar. However, during their march on the day of the new Parliament building’s inauguration, the Delhi Police intervened forcefully, leading to a clash between the protesters and law enforcement officers.


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