Yash Unveils Exciting New Project: “Toxic” Directed by Geetu Mohandas


After a year and a half since the release of KGF 2, the eagerly awaited announcement from Rocking Star Yash has finally arrived. His 19th film, titled “Toxic,” has been revealed, and it is set to be a thrilling venture directed by the talented actress-turned-director Geetu Mohandas.

Director’s Background:

Geetu Mohandas’ Track Record: Geetu Mohandas, renowned for her acclaimed films like Liar’s Dice and Moothon, both recognized internationally, is set to helm this new project. Notably, she is the spouse of the acclaimed cinematographer Rajiv Ravi.

Production Details:

Produced by KVN Productions: “Toxic” will be produced by Venkat K Narayana under the banner of KVN Productions, adding another layer of anticipation to this cinematic endeavor.

“Toxic” comes with the intriguing tagline, “A Fairy Tale For Grown-Ups,” hinting at a narrative that goes beyond conventional storytelling.

yash look from toxic

Release Date and Genre Hints:

Gangster Action Drama: The film is scheduled to hit the big screens on April 10, 2025, promising Yash fans an enthralling experience. From the title reveal video, it suggests “Toxic” could be a gripping gangster action drama.

Upcoming Announcements:

Cast and Crew Details: While the title reveal video has ignited excitement, details about the rest of the cast and crew are yet to be disclosed. Fans can anticipate more revelations about the project in the coming days.

Yash’s announcement of “Toxic” directed by Geetu Mohandas has set the stage for a cinematic journey that combines the star power of Yash with the creative prowess of a celebrated director. As the project unfolds, audiences can look forward to more updates on the intriguing gangster action drama.


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