YCP And Jana Sena Alliance For AP Special Status

YCP and Jana Sena alliance for AP Special Status

YCP and Jana Sena alliance for AP Special Status

Posted October 8, 2017 at 16:32

YCP and Jana Sena alliance for AP Special Status: Anything can happen in politics that too in AP politics. Previously, Jagan didn’t get scared to fight with Sonia for CM and kept a new. Now he is playing many political strategies to make PM Modi patronage. And Jana Sena supremo Pawan Kalyan who campaign for PM Modi but now BJP targeted him badly. These 2 young politicians have their own charm. That’s why everyone thinks that these 2 politically can’t be together. And CM Chandrababu takes advantage of Pawan innocence and YCP comments on Pawan raises. So there is any chance to change this scene…? It can’t be yes but nowadays situations are making it as no too.

Once again proved that how CM Chandrababu is being loyal to Pawan Kalyan. Party senior leader and Union Minister Ashok Gajapati Raja and State Minister Pitaani commented on Pawan where CM Chandrababu made them have patience. Even advised Pawan to be slow down with Jana Sena party. As the situation seems peaceful from 2 sides but suddenly Jana Sena party media in charge Hari Prasad made few comments. He declared that Jana Sena is ready to mingle with any party which helps for special status. But the surprising thing is Jana Sena is still concentrating on this topic which is left long back. And the addition to this is YCP supporting for the special status to patronage BJP. With this Jagan again planning for Yuvaberi it seems. In this situation, the 2 parties raising this concept showing the new agenda would workout for new political equations.

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