Young lad slaps Pawan Kalyan poster with slipper, Pawan Kalyan Fansattack him


Young lad slaps Pawan Kalyan poster with slipper 

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Everywhere in the state, the discussion is about Katthi Mahesh, Pawan Kalyan, and Pawan Kalyan fans. While Katthi Mahesh holds Pawan Kalyan responsible for his fans behavior towards him, Pawan Kalyan fans claim that it was Katthi Mahesh who started everything. Many people supported Katthi Mahesh for his meaningful statements initially in this row. But with time, Katthi’s motive, gaining publicity and popularity, has been exposed, thanks to his nonsensical personal remarks on Pawan Kalyan and Poonam Kaur.

A video went viral on YouTube and social media and is likely to add fuel between PK fans and Katthi Mahesh. In the video, a group of Pawan Kalyan fans (claimed) were seen beating a young lad. According to the reports, the victim slapped Pawan Kalyan poster with his slipper. This caused a rage among the PK fans who were close by. The young lad was forced to say sorry and was stripped of his shirt.

Ending the video, the fans commented that, because he was a young boy, keeping his future in mind, they have spared him. But they have warned that people are making false allegations on Pawan Kalyan wouldn’t be spared from hereon.

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