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HomelatestJack Sparrow Marries 300-year-Old SOUL Of A Pirate!

Jack Sparrow Marries 300-year-Old SOUL Of A Pirate!

Jack Sparrow Marries 300-year-Old Soulmate

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Be it the strange relationships, or heinous crimes, the modern society is a place of wonders. From time immemorial, women have been wanting their soulmate, whom they can trust and rely upon, psychologically, emotionally and mentally. The same is the case of men too. It is almost impossible to find a soulmate, who can be so committed, loving and honest.

Realizing the fact, an Irish woman thought out of the box. She went up to an extent of marrying a soul of a Haitian pirate named Jack who died some 300 years ago.

Amanda Teague, a resident of Downpatrick, Northern Ireland works as a Jack Sparrow impersonator. She tied the knot with pirate Jack in a recent ceremony. According to Amanda, ‘I tried finding my soulmate. I never found anyone. My love with the soul started one night in 2014. Since then we have been just like any other regular couple. He is my soulmate.

Recently, Jack said that we can be together if I wished. I know people were in relationships with spirts in the past. But I never knew of any intimate relationship with a spirit. But it came true in my case with Jack’.Amanda and Jack are currently enjoying their honeymoon along the Irish coast.

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