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Telugu Bullet – Mohanbabu Garu, why Did You Do This?

 Mohanbabu Garu, why Did You Do This?

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T Subbarami Reddy is a well-known politician, industrialist, and philanthropist. He also produced the movie ‘Bhagavad Gita’ in 1993 in Sanskrit, that won the National Film Award for Best Feature Film. He is more seen at film events and celebrity’s functions than in the Parliament. Every now and then he comes up with an awards program, awarding many film celebrities. Many have ridiculed him in the past for the same.

T Subbarami Reddy (TSR) awarded, ‘Viswa Nata Sarvabhouma’ title to Dr. Mohan Babu during an event, organized by TSR himself. No one really knows why TSR has given the award to Mohanbabu. While people claim that, TSR doesn’t need any reason or a strong cause to present awards. He just presents them whenever he wants to, and to whomever, he wishes too.

The absurd behavior of TSR and Mohanbabu has come under fire. Today, the 18th of January marks the 22nd death anniversary of legendary actor-cum-politician, and former CM Nandamuri Taraka Rama Rao, or simple NTR. The recent title presented to Mohanbabu resembles the title, ‘Viswa Vikyatha Nata Sarvabhouma’ held by NTR.

Telugu Bullet feels that Mohan Babu who proclaims himself as an ardent devotee and fan of NTR should have rejected the title. Even in practical terms, Mohanbabu doesn’t deserve this title on any given day. Presenting Awards and Titles might be a strategic move from TSR. But he should realize that Telugu people are not fools to fall prey for such cheap things.

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