Pawan And Jagan Tight-Lipped About PM’s Visit

YS Jagan And Pawan Kalyan Integrity To Be Tested

The opposition party leader Jagan Mohan Reddy and the Janasena chief Pawan Kalyan are the ones who have started the protest regarding SCS in Vishakapatnam just a day before the prestigious CII partnership summit in the month of January.Though Pawan has not attended the protest, he had directly supported the cause for SCS through his social networking handle Twitter. On the other hand, Jagan has made his desperate attempts to stage his protest in Vishakapatnam but was detained by the police in the airport itself citing law and order issues. The people still remember the way they have retorted on Chief Minister for not protesting against the decision of the center.

But if you look at the current scenario, the duo has not even uttered a single word against Modi and his government for not giving the importance to A.P even in a critical situation. As the PM is about to visit Mangalagiri in Vijayawada, CM has started his padayatra to showcase the injustice done to A.P in all the means by the center. But the silence of both Pawan and Jagan are giving hints to many speculations of their dark relationship with BJP.Though both Jagan and Pawan claim themselves as they are the only people who are fighting for the SCS, it’s the time for them to open their tight-lipped mouth and raise their voice against center about the injustice done to A.P. In fact, its time for all the political parties to come under one roof and fight for the welfare of the state.


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