YSRCP And TDP Cadre Fights In Mylavaram!

YSRCP Leaders Alleged TDP Leader In Mylavaram

YSRCP Leaders Alleged TDP Leader In Mylavaram

Posted May 9, 2018, 7:05 pm at 19:05

Tense situations have developed in Mylavaram village, Krishna District. The YSRCP leaders alleged that TDP leader Kesineni Nani has made uncouth statements. After the cadre from both the parties got into a verbal spat, things went out of context and broke out into a physical fight. If not for the involvement of the police present at the location, things would have been much worse, said an individual who was present at the time when the incident took place.

Kesineni Nani came to inaugurate Co-operative Central Bank in the village. On the occasion, Nani spoke about various social welfare program launched by CM Chandrababu Naidu, including the Farmers Loan-Waiver scheme. It is during this time, YSRCP supporters and leader raised an objection and stated that it is unethical for Kesineni Nani who came to inaugurate the bank and boasting about Chandrababu.

Not backing off, even Nani countered the YSRCP leaders’ comments in a strong manner. He said that ‘the people of the state are benefitting from the various welfare schemes implemented by Chandrababu Naidu. He has done a lot of good for the state. That is the reason I’m talking about him’.

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