YSRCP MLA Roja finds fault on NHRC for it’s quest on Hyderabad Encounter


YSRCP MLA Roja finds fault on NHRC for its a quest on Hyderabad Encounter

MLA Roja questioned the Human Rights Commission for launching the inquiry into the Hyderbad encounter. Roja said that if the perpetrators of rape are supported, everybody loses confidence in the commission hereafter. The firebrand leader advised the Human rights commission to seek punishment for criminals rather than supporting them in the name rights who are yielding to crimes on innocent girls.

“The present judiciary system is not enough to curb the crimes on women. Moreover, it has become a boon for criminals feeding them for years in the name of trials, ” Roja asserted. Roja said that all the people across the country were celebrating the instant justice that prevailed in Disha’s incident. She finds fault in the judiciary due to its inability in hanging the Nirbhaya’s convicts till “I fully support the police role in Hyderabad encounter as a mother to a child,” she opined.


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