YSRCP MPs Indefinite Fast Heading Towards A Political Disaster:


YSRCP MPs On Indefinite Fast Over Special Category Status For AP

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The Opposition party of AP, YSRCP despite planning a great strategy is failing to yield results. The most hyped Indefinite fasting of their MPs in New Delhi is not getting enough attention due to many reasons. Let us dwell on the core details of the factors which fail to grab attention.Being the Opposition and a choice to TDP, YSRCP always has its advantage of gaining the trust of AP People. Be it the bad mentoring or poor decisions taken by Jagan, the party has missed any number of chances to counter TDP. Even in the need of the hour problem of Special Category Status fight,

YSRCP is fighting on Centre at one side and diluting their efforts on the other side. 5 of their MPs out of which 3 were aged, YSRCP’s fasting protest gained momentum at one point in time. More than anyone, its Chief Jagan has failed to be glamour to this fasting with poor implementation of his campaigning. Instead of heading to Delhi and support his MPs, he continued his Padha Yatra in AP. Having own electronic and print media Sakshi, YSRCP has completely failed to have media coverage by tieing up with National level channels. Jagan kept his mother Vijayamma and MP Vijaya Sai Reddy in Delhi and they are of no use to bring in the buzz. Also,

YSRCP is lacking spokespersons like Ambati Rambabu and Roja as they are limited to State’s politics. Despite all these hard efforts, YSRCP is going to taste a big failure in Delhi. Some Political analysts state that Jagan is keeping himself far from Delhi in order to not irk BJP biggies.Whatever might be the reason, YSRCP has completely lost the ploy and is going to pay hugely for their games. Time for Jagan to change his tactics.

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